What is ComputationalThinking.org?

ComputationalThinking.org was founded to bring computer-based thinking to the forefront of problem-solving by optimizing the joint competence of humans and computers to take on the ideas, challenges and opportunities of everyday life. In turn, this frees up human thinking to address a multitude of bigger, more complex problems. In an age of advanced computational capability, this is not only an everyday requirement but also a crucial skill for top performers.

Intelligent computation is constantly being integrated into our everyday lives—whether that be a phone, tablet or smart automation for the house and car. But with a digital skills gap evident in today's employees, educators and employers need to step up. As computers are arguably the biggest underlying driver of human progress, our attitude toward them needs to change if we are to continue on this trajectory.

Often the answer to one question can be used to solve a second, repeating the four-step process with new insights. Therefore, computational thinking can be thought of as a helix made up of a roadway of the four steps, repeating in sequence until you reach a solution fit for the original purpose.

Aware of the growing need to actively implement computational thinking across all walks of life, Conrad Wolfram believed the emerging computing ubiquity and practicality of interface and implementation made 2010 the right time to start Computer-Based Maths—using computers in school as we do in the real world: to replace humans for calculating. By learning how to drive a computer, people are equipped to problem solve more effectively, changing the balance of humans and computers. Read more about the latest implications of large language models (LLMs) on this balance here.

Since then, it has become apparent that the employees of today lack knowledge of what's possible, experience of how to apply it and know-how of today's machinery for performing it. It's this factor that has driven Conrad and his colleagues at Wolfram Research to strive to make the skills of computational thinking accessible to everyone.

ComputationalThinking.org is only possible due to its unique position at its parent company, Wolfram Research, the epicenter of math and its applications. Wolfram Research uses high-powered math to develop the latest algorithms for Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha software, employing mathematicians and other STEM specialists, supplying technology to the world's community of math users and interacting with leading experts from all technical fields. That's not to mention involvement with thousands of universities, schools and independent courses worldwide.

ComputationalThinking.org provides people in all stages of education and employment with tailored resources necessary to implement computational thinking in everyday life. As world leaders in computation, we provide a supportive learning environment that helps people solve the complex problems of today, using a new, methodical approach centered on computers and embracing human creativity. We believe this way of thinking builds on the new powers of automation and will enable humans to become an ever-more-potent force in today's and tomorrow's world.

ComputationalThinking.org uses its own lexicon to describe the four steps of computational thinking, upon which its resources are based: define, abstract, compute and interpret. All educational material—including interactive materials and tailored training courses—is based on active problem-solving, by marking out the principal problem and leading the user through the four steps in order to find a solution.