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We offer a set of pioneering initiatives to increase the use of computational thinking (CT) for problem-solving at all levels and in all sectors. This includes ready-made courses and materials for professionals—with or without a technical education—colleges, schools and students. We are also the foremost organisation for advising policymakers and governments on reform of educational systems and building new curricula to empower the next generation with computational thinking.

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Industry and government

Inject computational thinking for optimised decision-making at all levels of your organisation.

Computational thinking skills can benefit everyone in your organisation. From enabling leaders to use complex data-based decision-making strategically in their organisations to helping developers choose more effective techniques to analyse and display information, computational thinking provides a foundation of critical skills to help your organisation compete in the modern, fast-moving world.


Ready-made CT courses

We can supply industry-based problem-solving modules to transform the capabilities of your workforce. Tailored for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Example outcomes
  • Understanding how to read technical information.
  • Assessing the importance of assumptions in modelling real-world problems.
  • Accessing, analysing and interpreting large data sources.
  • Data-based decision-making.
  • Understanding modern quantitative problem-solving approaches.

New CT course development

We can build custom self-study modules designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation. Tailored for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Example projects
  • How can you develop real-time process-control systems to modernise traditional quality control practices?
  • How do you analyse models of catastrophe to better allocate losses for insurance claims?
  • How do you visualise and analyse company data to make decision-making less risky?
  • How can you automate the processing of images to identify diseases, faults, security risks?

Analysing your CT needs

Many organisations do not know how or where CT can help them. We can review your current workflows and opportunities for CT-based skills to improve efficiency. Partner with Wolfram technical services to improve computational data science solutions.

Example projects
  • Engineering: Analyse oil pipeline accidents over time to develop better prevention policies.
  • Management: Analyse office operations to improve effectiveness.
  • Energy production: Extract high-dimensional data to develop plans for future infrastructure.
  • Resourcing: Plan effective staffing to cope with peak demands.

Hybrid CT and Wolfram technology training

We can provide the technical skills training needed to apply computational thinking throughout your organisation using Wolfram technology.

Example projects
  • Training course providers to demonstrate easy ways to begin integrating CT into your own training courses.
  • Training the technical team to integrate the core technologies relied upon by CT into your organisation's infrastructure.
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